TheFiXFiXFIX was started as a project of a bicycle building enthusiast who just happened to like taking photos. After getting over 1,000,000 views on our Flickr page and tons of positive feedback, we decided to put together this site as a better way to get you our photos while looking to build contacts with other cyclists, enthusiasts, blogs, bicycle shops, and manufacturers. Our goal here is to promote the photos, the models, and cycling, while not taking ourselves too seriously.

Bicycles in today’s culture are not only a method of transportation, but are fashion accessories, art, and even objects of lust. We’re putting a bit of emphasis on that last part!

We’d like to feature any and all types of custom, vintage, and just plain interesting bicycles. Ranging from fixies, to road, to mountain, to bmx, to cruisers and anything in between.

We always need more rides to feature in our photosets! If you’ve got a bicycle that you think fits the bill and don’t mind it being ridden by one of our models shoot us an email by clicking on our Contact page or emailing info@thefixfixfix.com. It helps if you’re located in the Southern California area.

If you’re a girl who’s got a sick ride and wants to show it off, Model for us!

If you like our photos, please feel free to feature them on your website/blog/myspace/facebook/twitter pages, just please shoot us an email letting us know and link back to our site.

Thanks! TheFiXFiXFiX